感谢 Olink 赞助 WallessPKU 一台独立服务器! 您的慷慨是 WallessPKU 得以持续发展的重要动力!
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墙极大地阻碍了我们日常的学习和科研, 翻墙几乎不可避免. 随着翻墙成本提高, 我们很多时间都浪费在无意义地学习翻墙技术上.
因此, 我们创建了 WallessPKU 项目. 这是一个致力于给 北京大学师生和校友 提供翻墙服务的公益项目, 希望能为大家提供简单, 稳定, 免费, 并针对北大网络环境高度定制化的网络服务. 如果你想成为 WallessPKU 用户, 你需要验证你的北大/北医邮箱. 关于更详细的内容, 请点击下面的链接继续.


The Great Firewall, or GFW for short, has hindered Chinese people accessing the Internet freely for more than one decade. Since domestic resources are not nearly enough for scholars, most of them have to learn how to use, or even build anti-censorship tools, which unnecessarily waste their precious time. Therefore, we found the project WallessPKU, aiming to provide a simple, free, and secure tool to circumvent GFW. Due to the limit of our resources, we only provide the service to the people of Peking University. For more details, please read this blog. (Chinese only, sorry. You may use any translation tools.)