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由于代理服务的特殊性, 您所被代理的流量, 无论是上行还是下行, 都必须经过我的服务器. 而作为服务器拥有者, 我可以得到您流量的几乎全部信息, 包括但不限于:

  • 您流量的目的地. 即: 我可以知道您要访问的网站的域名.
  • 您流量的内容. 我有能力收集您流量的每一个字节.

这是否意味着您的流量在我面前已经完全透明? 并不是. 事实上, 互联网上的大部分流量都是经过加密处理. 举例来说, 如果您访问一个 HTTPS 协议的网站 (比如, 您的流量虽然经过了我的服务器, 但我依然无法还原您所访问的内容. 在这种情况下, 我仅知道您访问了 Google, 以及您交换的流量大小, 您的内容是保密的.

但并非所有流量都是加密的. 如果您访问一个 HTTP 协议的网站 (比如, 那您的流量对我而言就是完全透明的了. 如果您在这个时候交换了一些私密信息, 比如账号密码, 那您就处我的威胁之中. 这被称为 中间人攻击.

我承诺我不会对您进行中间人攻击. 但我非常建议您保护好您的隐私. 请不要随意在不安全的网站交换重要信息. 如果您的隐私不慎泄漏, 我不对此承担责任.


我不会对您的流量进行监控. 您的流量经过我的服务器也不会被保留副本. 但为了便于统计和控制每个人的流量, 我目前在收集以下信息:

  • 您使用服务的时间. 即: 我会监控您什么时候使用服务, 什么时候不.
  • 您流量的大小. 即: 我会监控您使用了多少流量.

在最坏的条件下, 我可能会被迫记录:

  • 您访问的地址.

注意这并不包括域名之后的内容. 例如, 假如您访问, 我只知道您访问了, 并不知道您具体在哪个页面停留.

What can you collect?

All the data that proxied by my servers, no matter they’re uploading or downloading data, can be obtained by me. I can collect the information listed as the following:

  • Your data destination: The website that you’re going to visit.
  • Your data content: Every byte.

Does that mean your data are apparent to me? No. Most of the data on the Internet is encrypted. For example, if you’re going to visit an HTTPS website, e.g., even if your data is going through my server, I’m still unable to know what the data are. They’re just meaningless bytes to me. All I could know is that you just visited Google.

But not all the data are encrypted. If you’re going to visit an HTTP website, you’re under my threat, which is called man-in-the-middle attack. If you exchanged some private information, like the password, I would be able to get it.

I promise you that I will NOT perpetrate man-in-the-middle attack, but you should take the responsibility yourself. If your private information was leaked, it wouldn’t be my fault.

What are you collecting?

I’m not censoring your data. Your data will not be duplicated in my servers. However, to monitor your data usage, I’m currently collecting the following information:

  • The time that you use my service.
  • The size/amount of your data usage.

In the extreme condition, I reserve the right to collect the following information:

  • Your data destination.

Please note the data destination is not the full URL. E.g., if you visited, all I would know is that you visited, but not the specific page that you stayed.